Diamond Plus Membership Upgrade

The ultimate in luxury and convenience

Our "Diamond Plus" memberships are perfect for people who (a) do not want to share their assigned-personal assistant with any other client, and/or (b) want their assigned-personal assistant on-site with them instead of being on-call.

And no... you do NOT have to worry about pesky employment issues, such as benefits, overtime, time tracking, payroll taxes, etc... we take care of that! You simply contract with Opulent VIP, and we take care of the rest, since the personal assistant is our employee.

Your assigned-PA is NOT shared with any other client. Therefore, your assigned-PA is available to YOU only. You get to decide when he/she is on-call and when he/she is on-site with you. 

The first month, because of the logistics involved in getting your own PA, you will be charged and serviced as a regular “Diamond Membership” client, where your assigned-PA is on-call for you anytime, with unlimited hours to use. However, the main difference, is that he/she will still be on-call for other clients.

Opulent VIP will work hard and fast to get your assigned-PA just to yourself; we just need to work on the logistics, since we might need to re-assign the PA away from other clients, and/or hire new staff. We ask for a month, but we can usually complete this step sooner than that.

Then, after the first month, you get to choose a 12-month agreement, which is recommended, or a more-costly month-to-month option instead. Your call.

You can download the following brochure and pricing guide for additional information and to get started.