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YOU DESERVE IT! - Your assigned Opulent VIP on-call personal assistant is always there for you and your family. They are a trusted, reliable, and responsible individual that you and your family can TRUST.


That's up to you. Remember, your assigned, on-call PA is there for you, for pretty much anything you need. Certain tasks you can put on cruise control so that we can take care every week. Others you will let us know as they come about. It's really all up to you and your family. 

The following are client representations on how you could use the services and your assigned-personal assistant:


I) I signed up for the Diamond membership, where I have Jenn (my PA) available to me pretty much every day except for Sundays (unless i make prior arrangements with her). I set it up so that Jenn texts me every morning to see what I need that day. I often have her do general errands such as purchasing gifts for friends, groceries, and other special items as they become needed. Once a week, I schedule her to be on-site a few hours at my house doing clerical work for my husband's business, and helping me organize my home. Having unlimited hours under the Diamond plan lets me have all the freedom I need!.

II) My assigned-PA, John, is available to me almost everyday. I have the Gold membership, which comes out to about 20 hours a week of service; it works for me since I rarely need more. There have been times I "gifted" my remaining hours during the month to a friend, which was awesome. I use John to help me categorize and mail pieces, house sitting when I am away, and looking over my house in general, making sure all repair work gets done and vendors get a contact person to reach out to instead of me. I asked John to go through my home once every 3 months, and to point out anything and everything that needs repair or up-keeping. I have a housekeeper, but honestly, I'd rather let her worry about cooking and cleaning, and let John worry about everything else, which is fantastic.

III) I use my PA to help me with chores. I have her phone number and usually text her or call her everyday, usually at least once a day, for something or other. A few times a month, I ask her to house sit and take care of my plants, my pets, etc. There have been times I texted her at midnight, and she responded to my question, even though she didn't need to, she could had easily waited until the next morning. I trust my PA with everything around the house. My husband uses her to plan travel, research hotels, best flight options, etc.

IV) I asked my PA Andrea to keep me company every week. Since she is shared with a few other clients, she scheduled her time to be with me every Wednesday from 4-6 pm in the evening. She helps me not only with ideas on how to organize my home, but also makes sure that my house is in good shape. If I need a plumber, for example, I let her know, and she takes care of everything, from scheduling someone, to being at home when the plumber is here, to paying them, everything. Other than that, I often ask her to run errands. I like to email her a list of things I need. I do that every Monday, and she knows to get that to me by Wednesday at the latest.

V) After meeting with Max, I chose to have my PA do things automatically for me every week. If I need her, I have her contact information and I can call her for additional errands. Every week, she performs a set of tasks, and it is great not to have to worry about such small errands anymore. I don't have to worry about overtime, benefits, or anything like that, making my membership with OV invaluable!.

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We will help you with ANY request, including but not limited to... Grocery shopping; Gift purchasing; Returns and exchanges; Household purchases; Hardware purchases; Key Copies; Pharmacy needs; Event and Party Planning; Floral Design Coordination; Catering & Entertainment booking; Venue booking; Entertainment reservations; Library or movie rental returns; US Postal Office / FedEx / UPS pick-up and delivery; Restaurant or fast-food carry-out pick-up/delivery; Arranging all travel plans; Car maintenance drop-off and pick-up; Important date reminders (never forget your anniversary again!); and many many other tasks - if you can think of it, we can probably do it for you!  -- LEARN MORE


Our household management service simply lets you forget about it! - We will do everything for you related to the maintenance and keeping up of your home or estate so that your home shines year-round!... from scheduling & monitoring maintenance issues, supervising other staff, and many other tasks. If it's related to your home-health, we'll take care of it for you! We will customize everything to what you want (and what you don't want)... after all... each home, and each home-owner, is unique. Simply put, the household management tasks that we can do gives you peace of mind that things are being taken care of! -- LEARN MORE


to keep you stress-free!. Is your home-office, your bedroom, or other room in your house messy? We can help put an end to it. Let us go over and de-clutter, in an organized way. We will organize any room or location based on your unique needs. We can do filing and mail management; household inventory; we will assess the situation, and with your approval, we will organize the area in a way that works for you. It doesn't matter the challenge, we are up to it! Give us your mess! -- LEARN MORE


We will do absolutely everything to make sure your needs are taken care of: ​Taking care of your pets while away, giving them attention and TLC; Feeding and Watering​; ​Yard Pickups Looking over your home while you are away; Vacationers & Snowbirds – Home-watch attendant service (maintain daily house duties, pick up newspapers, etc.); Bringing in the newspapers; Monitoring lights and schedules; and/or anything else you may need! -- LEARN MORE


We will perform any other project or task that you want us to do. Some clients have clerical and administrative work for us to do. Some clients want us to help them with an event. Some clients need us to call people for a certain purpose. Special projects could mean anything that you need help with or anything you want us to do as your personal assistant.


for Seniors, to improve well-being! Although is it tailored toward Seniors, the service is available to EVERYONE regardless of your age or situation. Do you want us to visit a relative in the area? maybe an older adult? We offer companionship visits... after all... we all need some company after a while, someone to talk with or share experiences. We visit you at your home, apartment, retirement community, or anywhere else in the local area. We usually stay for 1 hour, and that of course changes depending on the client's needs. Your friendly personal assistant will keep you company, and even help you with any task you need done in the meanwhile. -- LEARN MORE


for Seniors & Teens, for motivation and a better mind. Max Magnasco LMHC, our owner and founder, is a licensed mental health counselor, with over 18 years of experience. He provides regular sessions and/or psychosocial evaluations. Sessions are mostly limited to: Children over 10 years olD; Teens/Adolescents; Young Adults up to age 25; Senior Citizens... although everyone is welcome. We visit YOU at your home; therefore there's no need and hassle to drive anywhere for your appointment. We can help you with any issue such as Depression, Anxiety, Self-Esteem, Defiance, and many other issues can be worked on during therapy. Or simply someone to talk with! All information is, of course, 100% private and confidential. - LEARN MORE

Many Membership Options

We offer different memberships tailored to fit your needs. Whether you need 2 hours a week, or an unlimited number of hours of on-call service, we have a solution for you and your family.

Plus... a portion of our profits go towards local animal rescue organizations. By being a member of Opulent VIP, you are also contributing to a great cause!

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