Frequently Asked Questions

@ How do your services work exactly?

Take a look at this page, it has all the information you need to know.

@ Is this right for me?

Yes! Our services are perfect for anyone, whether you are a busy professional, a stay-at-home socialite, a celebrity, a business owner, etc. Everyone can benefit from having an on-call personal assistant that you can trust. Having your own PA through Opulent VIP works well, EVEN if you already have a housekeeper, or even if you think you'll only use your PA a few times a month. Just having them "there" for you, that alone, is invaluable!

@ Are services available as a "whole" to an entire Condominium or HOA community?

Yes, simply contact us for all the details.

@ Can my company or business pay for the services?

Yes, we may invoice or charge a business account, as long as you are an authorized member or owner of the company.

@ How soon can you start?

After you sign-up with us, we can often start services within a week. Every situation is different.

@ How many clients do the PA's service?

We have a policy that each personal assistant serves between 1-4 clients at any given point. This ensures that proper, high-quality service is provided. Of course, with some memberships (e.g. Diamond), it's usually just 1 dedicated PA for that client.

@ Since all the memberships are based on number of hours per month, how exactly do you guys track time?

We track time with our smart phones, via a special app that lets us keep accurate, up to the minute logs of when we are doing tasks for you. We can go over this when we schedule a free in-home consultation.

@ How do I know you and your team are good people?

We have passed many background checks. Max, our owner, will make sure to provide you a copy of these, for your records and peace of mind, for the personal assistant assigned to you and your family. Max's team is comprised of W2 employees, never third-party contractors, therefore able to adhere to certain standards of quality that are instilled and required.

@ I live in Windermere. If I ask you for something, some errand, say in Tampa, how does the travel costs work?

In that case, we would be able to drive to Tampa. You will be charged mileage for that trip, plus any applicable travel costs if any were incurred. As far as hours, those hours will count towards your limits in your membership. As a general rule of thumb, if you ask us to perform chores outside of the metro-area, then, in those cases, travel costs might apply.

@ What about access to my home or community?

Sometimes we are asked to run errands or perform tasks when you are not home; yet we need access to your home. Although we prefer key-less entry systems (as most of our clients have), if you do entrust us with your key, please know that we will keep it under lock when not in use, and confidentially-labeled. And remember, everything is customized... so if you don't want us there during a specific time, just let us know.  For entry into your neighborhood, you can make arrangements with your guard in advance; it's never a problem. And even tough we might have other clients in the neighborhood, please note that you must grant access to Opulent VIP, under your name, to avoid any issues.

@ I don't want my private life to be gossiped about. Can we trust you?

Yes! You and your family will be protected knowing that Opulent VIP will never disclose any information about you or your household. Never. We also understand that some personal shopping tasks are private in nature. You can count on us! 100% privacy. 100% confidentiality.

@ I see you offer a promotion for referring other clients to O.V. - Is there a limit on the number of potential friends and colleagues I can refer?

No, there's no limit. You can refer as many people as you want, and potentially get one free month for each of those people, depending on what services they sign up for.

@ What if I want you to sign MY OWN confidentiality agreement? Would you?

Absolutely! That would not be a problem at all.

@ I signed up for a membership last month. I now want to lock-in a discount, by signing a 12-month agreement like your discount page states, can I do that?

Yes. You can start saving money by doing that, at any time (it doesn't have to be at the time you sign-up).

@ Are companionship visits just for Senior citizens?

No. It's offered to everyone. As a matter of fact, many clients might feel that having their trusted personal assistant by their side a few times a week really helps their well-being and socialization.