Make your Life Easier & Give Yourself the gift of Time.

A dedicated, on-call personal assistant...

...that you and your family can trust, for any task ranging from errands, shopping, household management, or special projects... We are here for you

Fantastic Service!

You get to have a personal assistant without all the hassle and pain of having someone at your home all the time, or worrying about employment issues (overtime, benefits, payroll taxes, time tracking etc!)

Our clients are...

 ...busy professionals, celebrities, business owners, stay-at-home moms & dads, developers, movie-industry executives, and many more that enjoy a luxurious lifestyle and want to make their lives EASIER! 

Here's how Opulent VIP works:

We offer an on-call concierge; personal assistant service. Whether it's just errands and shopping that you need, or a more complete household management service, house sitting, etc.. we have a solution for you.

It's like having a reliable, professional on-call personal assistant that you can trust, available to you and your family (get all the benefits and prestige without all the hassle of having someone there at your home all the time!)


  • don’t use your PA every week, the fact that he/she is available to you, it gives you fantastic PEACE OF MIND!
  • ... you already have a housekeeper (approx 50% of our clients already do by the way), having a trusted on-call personal assistant will ease your life. Besides, there are things you'd rather trust a PA with and not your housekeeper!
  • ... you already have a full-time assistant along side of you, having an Opulent VIP on-call personal assistant is a great back-up plan, and can even be a checks-and-balance system for your life!


Become our client by signing up for a membership. As a member, you can choose any service that we offer, and more (as long as it's legal, you can count on us). Each membership comes with a set number of hours to use per month. (If you think you won't use those hours that month, simply "give" them to your friends or neighbors - as a fantastic gift to them!)


Your dedicated, assigned on-call personal assistant is only assigned 1-4 clients at any given point, ensuring a more personal service to you. You'll be given our cell phone and email so that you can contact us with anything you need.

Now... if you don't like to share... we do offer a Diamond Plus Membership, where your PA is yours only, and therefore, should you wish, you can have him/her on-site at all times... learn more.


Everything is customized to you... you can count on us to give you the best experience possible. We are 100% dedicated to you and your family. At the onset of services, we will go over all preferences. For example, do you want your PA to reach out to you via text every day to see what you need? every week? do you want to contact HIM/HER when you want something? Are there tasks we can go ahead and do every week without being asked to? The list goes on!


Your tasks are completed as soon as possible. It is good custom to give us at least 24 hours for any errands or similar tasks. If you need us on-site for a particular task or period of time, simply schedule us.. it's that easy (our online calendar lets you do this with ease!) 


One of the beauties of what we offer is that you can put things on cruise control. You can simply assign us a set of tasks to do each week, month, etc.. and forget about it!! Our household management service for example, is a great example of that. We will take care of your home, to make sure your palace is always on tip-top shape... you don't have to do anything!


You and your family will be protected knowing that Opulent VIP will never disclose any information about you or your household. Never.

We also understand that some personal shopping tasks are private in nature. You can count on us!

100% privacy. 

100% confidentiality.


You can count on your assigned personal assistant to be friendly, reliable, but also loyal. Over 90% of our clients stay on as members, and it is because of the loyalty and connection that their assigned personal assistant provides.

We won't let you down!


Our staff has the right attitude and personality so that you'll never have to worry about them.

All of our personal assistants have a "go get" kind of attitude. They devote 100% effort into making sure you and your family are happy with the services. If we can go out of the way to make you smile, we do.