“I am a doctor. I don’t have the time to take care or maintain things around the house. I just wanted things taken care of. Plus, I wanted to have the prestige and flexibility of having a personal assistant on-call for myself and my wife”.

“We contracted with Opulent VIP so that they could watch over our homes in Jupiter and Miami Beach. Max has been amazing in making sure my homes are well-maintained“

“We needed a lot of ongoing help in organizing our home, and our lives in general. Besides, it’s always nice to have someone out there who I’m able to call for anything. Max and his staff are wonderful.”

“I wanted help with regular errands and I wanted to have someone available to me personally… not having to depend on my husband, or my housekeeper, or anybody else.”

“I am often out of town, so having a professional company such as O.V. to not only look over my home, but also to make sure maintenance issues were being addressed, it was really a no-brainer to me!”

“I was able to split the cost of the membership with my neighbor, which was fantastic! Now we have Max and his team available to us, which has given us peace of mind“

“We have been working with Max since 2005. He is friendly, down to earth, and dedicated. He has helped me keep my home organized. I signed up as a Platinum member, and I don’t regret any moment of it“

“I was skeptical at first of having an assistant to me and my wife. But it turns out it has been one of the best money I have ever spent. Whenever I need to get some shopping done, I e-mail Max the list, and it’s taken care of, it’s amazing.“

“I wanted someone I could trust with my personal affairs, paying bills, ensuring our BMW was well-maintained, and helping with weekly shopping“

“My husband and I already had a housekeeper in place before we hired Opulent VIP and Max’s team. They have exceeded our expectations. They were able to take care of certain things which I didn’t feel comfortable asking my housekeeper to do, such as overseeing all Vendors that come to my house“.